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Book of Stacks - Stack of Books

Book of Stacks - Stack of Books

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Jared Bark

In 2012, American artist Jared Bark started piling books in the fields and woods around his farm. He had this image in his mind of a column of books erected at the edge of a field surrounded by trees. After working on the stacks outdoors, Jared Bark moved the project to his studio, where he made all kinds of book stacks: stained, burnt, erased... More recently, Bark has built vertical stacks of books that are then passed through a sawmill to become a "cant", a term for a log that has been milled on all four sides. The slender verticality of these sculptures references both the trees from which paper is made and the ancient free-standing columns that Bark discovered in Pompeii. Book of Stacks, Stacks of Books brings together for the first time in one book a comprehensive selection of stacks Bark has made over the past decade.

Editorial direction: Cécile Poimboeuf- Koizumi
Design: Atelier Tout va bien
22 x 30 cm
104 pages
English / French
Publication date: June 2022
ISBN: 979-10-96383-30-6


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